Wednesday, 17 September 2008

A Weird but Humbling Thing Happened The Other Week

A weird thing happened today. I was working on the hotel front desk, taking a hotel enquiry over the phone, when I saw in the distance Wim and Petra approaching the hotel front desk. I met Wim and Petra on a rafting trip in Nepal. They are an awesome couple from Holland, they have been cycling round the world for a while now, their blog is linked on my page. I was on the phone, but started laughing and shaking a little bit, it was such a weird emotion to see them again, totally different to when I saw friends and family back home. I always knew I would see people back home again, like you take them for granted. It was also the unexpected. Wims sense of humour was still there, was very humbling.

The story gets even more coincidental. I was telling my work mates back at camp about seeing them both and Emilie told me Mathew met a dutch couple just like I described in Japan. So after chatting to Mathew, we realised that they were the same people, he went up to a nearby campsite to see them.

They have travelled the world and have also decided that Canada may be the country for them to be! They are getting a job in Calgary driving trucks, no better place to do it really. I wish them all the luck in that and maybe I will see them again. They also talked about going travelling again once they obtain residency, it's hard to stop, too much fun and experience to be had.

Wim and Petra - 3rd and 4th Left

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