Wednesday, 21 February 2007

First Week - Mumbai, Matheran, Palolem

Having a wonderful time, met so many people both local and international, they make me feel so dull in comparison. Met one french man in Matheran, Nico, who was gong back to Paris to become a qualified clown, he does it currently as a job, he said it is like a slap stick performer, it is quite respected.

Currently in Palolem in south part of Goa state, bypassed the north as that is where all the raves and stuff is, didn't fancy that, may head back north for a day to see old Goa town. I have just mainly been chilling since I got here and ended up at this beach place. Hated it to begin with as it isn't real India, but has great sea food, bars and the scenery is pretty good too! I am in a shack on the beach front, costing only 2.50 pounds. Thought the beach resorts of India would be horrible due to traders but hardly been hassled, so pretty easy.

I think I have figured out a way that I can live in India and still have a relaxed life, I can buy textiles, silk rugs and jewelry at India Price then sell it on Ebay to Europe at their price, just need to try get a working visa!

I wondered why so many people looked at my suede shoes when I first got here but then I realized that the cow is sacred to hindu's, so I may have to send em home and get a new pair here. Gonna learn more about hinduism, really intriguing history to the religion

cricket in front of old colonial architecture - Mumbai. There were better things to take photo's of, but don't like the imposing nature that tourist photography seems to be, the back streets in the day and night had great character and energy. Loved Mumbai, looking forward to the other big cities.

washing in Mumbai

This chap showed me round his village, they were all real friendly

my room in mumbai

Matheran felt like Blackpool, it is a weekend retreat for Indian people, has horse riding games and the like. No cars are allowed in the village. Didn't know what to expect as got recommended it by someone but didn't really read the guide book, in the end had great fun due to the people i has hanging with.

stayed with Ryo(japenese) and Syleve (French) in Matheran. Ryo arrived in India with only once change of clothes and had to buy a bag when hotels would not accept him due to terrorism reasons

each small town i go to has a cow/ox thing, local people told me the sacred cows mostly belong to people

Hello from Palolem!

Saturday, 10 February 2007

The Route

Being geeky, I have made a little map with my route and a key! The numbers in brackets are the weeks at each place. Geektactic!

India - 6 Weeks
Nepal - 4 Weeks
North Thailand - 1/2 Week
Laos - 2 Weeks
Vietnam - 2 Weeks
Cambodia - 1 Week
South Thailand - 3/4 Weeks
Malaysia - 1 Week
Indonesia - 2 Weeks
Australia - 8 Weeks
New Zealand - 3 Weeks
Canada - 1 year
USA - cash dependent!

That's the plan anyway, fingers crossed!