Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Week 76 - Onwards, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

I am going to start updating my blog and photographs from all the past places. Currently started at Job on a hotel front desk in Jasper National Park, I have 3 shifts from 3.30pm-11.30pm, so plently of time on my hands to update this fella!

words to follow, my camera is on it's last legs, so images are blured at times and colours seem a little orange, but here are some pics...

Ice Walk on the Athabasca Glacier

Moraine Lake Hike

Saskatchewen Glacier Hike/Cycle

Week 76 - 78 The Quest To Find Work - Nelson, B.C., Canada

Week 60 - 76 Skookumchuck, B.C., Canada (and Fernie on Weekends)

Skookumchuck, Population: 66

The Tree Farm

I am a redneck! This is my caravan, my home for 14 weeks. I loved it to begin with. To have my own space after living in a shared house in Fernie with 9 other people was awesome. Everything I needed was within 20feet, I could sit at my reading table and reach to my stove for my chai or to the fridge for a snack. I learnt to make my own chai while in my caravan, I will put recipe on here! But then as time passed being on my own in the caravan got to me a little.

This is the truck I used to drive round, I also got to drive a big tractor on my final day which was awesome.

These are the trees after their root balls and branches have been rapped.

Dustin on small tractor.

These cars are the neighbours next door. He no longer lives there but every car he ever owned still resides there. There would be some bute cars to work on as projects. His house(shack) seemed a little overrun with pests.

This belongs to Jim, the farm owner, it still works and is used occasionally.

This out the back, a big grizzly was near here. It ate a dead cow from the next door neighbours farm. So much wildlife round here, at night you could hear the eerie screams of coyotes. Hated coming back to the farm late at night after the weekend, kept thinking something would pounce out of the darkness!

The bridge out of Skookumchuck, I'm stuck!

Premier Lake Fishing
I absolutely loved coming here after work, caught quite a few fish. Started swimming in the lake towards the end of my stay when the weather got nicer. Met some cool people down here. Such a beautifull place

Canada, a good place to be, put Neil Young on your headphones, peddle to the lake and fish and be happy.

Week 39 - 60 Fernie, B.C., Canada

Fernie Winter

Fernie by Night

Work Fernie

Snowboard Road Trips - Rervelstoke, Kicking Horse (Golden), Lake Louise and Sunshine (Banff)

Fernie Summmmmmer