Thursday, 7 August 2008

Week 30 - 37 New Zealand, South Island

A mishmash of NZ South and North Islands, will re-hash when time. Loved NZ so much, best place to Holiday ever!!

Stewart Island

I went to Stewart Island to see a Kiwi in the wild. My trecking partners went on ahead and I hung back to do the last 3 hours of the days walk in the dark. I was pretty spooked but it was really atmospheric and I plugged in my MP3 and listened to Sparklehorse and Stufjan Stevens for the twilight hours.

This building freaked me, it was like something out of texas chainsaw massacre, I thought the island was unpopulated, wasn't ready to meet the local farming community!

I walked through a track that had dense tree's cutting out any moonlight, I nearly stood on the poor kiwi, it scared the crap out of me, the weirdest creature I've seen, ran off making a right sound with its big feet. stay well kiwi!

Hangliding - Queenstown

The Kepler Track

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