Saturday, 6 December 2008

Mexico - The Start - Mazatlan & Alamos

Leaving Canada

I reluctantly left Canada, my search for cash in hand work failed. Spent a fun week back in the good town of Nelson. Drank a bit with my good friend Ben and hastily booked a Mexico flight for a week laeter, thinking that would be enough preparation time. I got drunk for the last 4 nights I was in Canada, so I got very little done. I did manage to sell my car for $200, but I did not manage to post extra bellongs as the post office was closed. Gave a lot of my things away to Salvation Army and I am carrying some other things which is a bit of a pain.

I took a greyhound to Calgary, where my flight was from. I was a little tense about going to Mexico, everyone seemed to get me anxious about going, like my friend Bryce! I sat next to this nice but strange lady on the greyhound, she had me convinced that I would die out here, I had to text Chris for reasurance that I would be OK. I have found Mexico to be totally cool and safe, all the reports of drug killings are mainly just gang to gang killings in the North.


My hotel in Mazatlan, the cheapest place in town, which attracts the usual colourfull characters that decide to stay in a $10 a night hotel in a place where the rich stay on the sea front in expensive swish hotels. Our hotel was in the Old Town, which was super cool, loads of hustle and bustle, just enjoyed getting to know the mexican way of life and trying to speak spanish. Spent a few days on beach recouperating from my partying in Canada.

Some of the people I hung with at the hotel. Lloyd on the left was a legend, I loved chatting to him, kept me entertained. He lives in Mazatlan, but originally from the States. His girl took off with all his clothes as she wanted to leave and hoped that he would follow, but he just stayed put. He would ask me some funny questions:

'Where can you drive to from England?`
`Only Scotland and Wales, we are seperated from mainland Europe` so I went to get a world map to show him.
`Well I`ll be, that`s amazing!`. He was honestly surprised to see GB as an Island!

`Does everyone drive Bentleys and Mercades in England?`

`Do people plays sports in the UK?`
`Yeah, cricket, football and golf orginated here`
`Well I`ll be, but the UK is so small`

He was also obsessed with the Royal Family, and he must have ask me questions non stop for an hour about the workings and power of the royal family. Sure beats small talk, if only all people could be this cool!


Finally left Mazatlan after and early morning swim. Left around noon and arrived in Alamos near midnight, the cheapest hotel in town was closed, so I had to spend a cold night sleeping on a wooden bench in there porch way.

Unfortunatley there was a massive flood here about 4 weeks before I arrived, around 68 people died. The main people that died where market stall owners sleaping in the stree waiting to set up for the Sunday Market. It destroyed the nearby park which I intended to go to, hopefully if will recover as it is home to some rare species of birds. No other travllers here but the hotel was amazing, had it`s own courtyard, spent a good 3 days relaxing and reading and drinking with a couple of older people from USA.

Spell check is in spanish, so ignore my spelling!

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