Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Photo Links

Still not got the energy to update blog and lost some of my best pics of China, Aus and NZ so probably won't do it now. But here is a link too some of my NZ pics.



woodster said...

Hey Charlie,
Yeah you must go to Bosnia it is more than Amazing mate it's surreal. Where are you off to next and where are you right now mate? We may be at the same place at the same time in the near future you never know. Sorry to hear about the camera mate they arent really designed for the banging and clanging of travelling. The one I have now is a beauty for travelling it goes underwater for 3m and is shock proof to 1.5m but the images arent as good as the old Richoh. I'll have to check out your blog one I get stationed somewhere for a bit.
Cheers mate,

Dee Brooks said...

Hello Charlie
Your trip looks amazing we enjoyed your photos and stories. We are in Herefordshire (near Wales) with Dee (Chris' sister) and John. Sending lots of love, enjoy yourself, Mum and Chris, Dee and John. xxxx